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Everything is happening at once.
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Hattie Watson, Kodak Portra 400 film, Rolleiflex Hy6.  Philadelphia, PA, 2013.

I Kill Giants should get back together

I accidentally deleted that question from the anon who is majoring in neuroscience! I’m sorry.
I would have replied, that sounds very interesting. Exploring the complexities of the human brain and the entire body is something I would enjoy learning about!!



The Front Bottoms - Rhode Island

I love this song.

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Into It. Over It. by Carly Hoskins on Flickr.
Anonymous: you never posted a survey :0

ooops I’m sorry!

Anonymous: would you say you hang out with most of your good friends from high school now that you're in college? I start in the fall and i'm worried about losing all of my friendships.

Aww don’t worry. It’s pretty natural that you will start to drift from some of your friends (not all!) I actually talk to very few people from high school but I did that to myself. the friends that want to be in your life will be.
not to mention, you are about to meet a shit ton of people in college! Good luck :)

Anonymous: how have you been lately? :3

I’ve been goooood. thanks for asking :)

Anonymous: im a medical major and if you don't have a passion for medicine/science, don't do it. You put up with hard classes that have shitty professors and you spend most of you're free time doing class things. i also work in a hospital and people are shitty and if you don't love the science of medicine then it really is soul-sucking. why are you thinking of going pre-health?

I do have a passion for learning science, but more toward biology, anatomy and physiology. I’m interested in the minor because it’s definitely less of a workload, but the UA apparently has a very shitty math department and physics classes. It sounds like you have a lot you dislike, but if you have a passion for it ( which I’m assuming you do) then it’s worth it. Idk, I want to do something beneficial in my life.

Looking into pre-health as a major. This was my first semester as a journalism major and I didn’t realize actually how much I avoided trying to interview some people and go out and find stories. I mean, yeah it’s cool and all but I disliked my classes, and I instantly lost interest in it. I became a journalism major to get involved with radio and music and as I’m picking my classes for next semester, the ONE Radio class that is offered is right when I have a Ethics class. And this year I was planning on getting involved with the student radio on campus, but I never even had time to because of my creative writing class that was right smack in the middle of when KAMP radio would have their meetings.
There are so many more opportunities in the health field- just from being a nursing major so I’m going to do more exploring. If anyone has any experience or is currently in a medical major, we should talk.

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transparent mary louise parker because why the fuck not

Everyone tells me I look like her 
South Park - Satan